Parish Vision Plan

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The Parish Vision Plan is a vision plan with specific goals and established milestones designed to help your parish thrive.

Our Sunday Visitor will administer a survey with your parish community to establish these goals so the needed priorities may be put in place to formulate your own Parish Vision Plan.

The Parish Vision Plan is perfect for all parishes who are working to thrive rather than just survive. The Parish Vision Plan provides you with the structure and support to bring together the entire parish to work together on a common set of priorities.

Your parish coach works with you to create a framework of goals and communications that reflect your priorities and engages your parishioners in your exciting progress.
We develop the plan and work together to implement or to change as needed, so it is truly yours.

Learn more about Parish Vision Plan in the product overview.

OSV Coaches will work directly with your parish for 15 months to:
  • Administer the survey parish-wide
  • Provide plan direction from the completed surveys
  • Establish the Priority Plan document
  • Ongoing coaching for the parish to ensure the priorities
    are focused on and milestones are achieved