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Made for This
Start Date/Time: Wednesday, April 18, 2018 7:00 PM
End Date/Time: Wednesday, April 18, 2018 8:00 PM
Recurring Event: One time event
Importance: Normal Priority
General Interest

Join author Mary Haseltine as she discusses her new book, Made for This: The Catholic Mom's Guide to Birth.

The experience of birth stays with a woman forever. Each birth leaves an imprint on a woman's body, mind, heart, and soul. She is changed. We are complete persons, so what affects one aspect of our person affects everything else, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. We have the opportunity to choose to invite the One who planned it all in the first place to saturate every part with grace, before, during, and after birth.

Haseltine guides expectant mom's through birth (and pregnancy) in her book. Drawing on the teaching of Theology of the Body as well as other Church writings, you will see that birth is beautifully symbolic and deeply theological.

You'll have an opportunity to ask the author questions--and perhaps win a copy of her book!


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