Periodic Mailing Inserts

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Inserted material for your periodic mailing service

Take periodic mailing to the next level by using inserts to improve communications and enhance church community. 

Save time and money with pre-designed inserts that fit inside the envelope mailing packet, or create your own. Because you already know when your next mailing is going to happen, you can schedule inserts to coincide with liturgical seasons, parish activities or ongoing parish/diocesan communications.

  Parish Mail-back Envelopes
Make giving convenient by adding mail-back envelopes to your parishioner sets. There are times when parishioners may not be able to attend Mass or may be away for an extended vacation. With mail-back envelopes, giving continues and overall contributions increase.

  Letters to evangelize and educate
  • Letters from the pastor
  • Status information about the parish
  • Ministry updates
  • Augment religious education and formation
Record of Contribution Cards

Additional periodic mailing insert ideas
  • Online Giving enrollment instructions
  • A Steward Reflects...™ letters
  • Record of Contribution Cards
  • Come, Follow Me discipleship newsletter