Custom Envelopes

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Communicate your vision and mission

Personalize any envelope program with a custom envelope. If your parish has a picture, verse, crest, logo or watermark that you would like on your envelopes, give us a call. Our talented designers will create an image to your specifications. Choose from any of our colored or bordered designs to complete your look. Available for bulk, boxed sets or mailed envelopes, we are happy to accommodate your request.

Colored Envelopes

Add some color to your offering envelopes. Choose from any of the colors on our custom colored palette, and customize it with your parish's own unique design.


Full Color Envelopes

Create a custom envelope unique to your parish with a beautiful full-color design.

Bordered Envelopes

You may select to have a colored border from our colored border palette to enhance your envelope appearance. Add an image of your church, a verse or theme to your envelopes at no additional cost.


Envelope Flap Side Design

Print your church name, a logo or crest, a website, parish information, amount line or giving box, a verse or a mission statement on the back of your envelopes at no additional charge.

Optional Envelope Barcoding

An envelope number barcode can be added to the offering envelopes to decrease the amount of time it takes to record contributions. You simply scan the envelope number barcode to pull up the parishioner name in your address database and scan the dollar amount on a laminated sheet provided by OSV. You may purchase a compatible barcode equipment at most office supple stores. Envelope barcoding can be added at no additional charge.